Study Shows Most Violent Crimes Are Committed By Someone The Victim Knew

Police Line Don't Cross

Search for sex offendersA recent U.S. Department of Justice report shows that the majority of violent crimes that happen each year are committed by offenders the victim knows. That means that you are more likely to be attacked by someone you know than a stranger. Who knew?

Another Department of Justice report shows that most offenders are repeat criminals with almost 80% of convicted criminals being arrested for a new crime within 5 years.

These numbers are alarming, but there is a silver lining to the findings published by the Department of Justice. Given that most people become victims of violent crimes by the people they know and that the majority of offenders are repeat offenders, screening the people close to you and avoiding the ones with past criminal charges may greatly reduce the likelihood that you or your family could fall victim to a violent crime.

In 2010, 62% of violent victimization crimes were committed by offenders known to the victims.* Many of these violent crimes could have been avoided – See if anyone you know has a violent past »
* U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Statistics
Special Report December 2012

Screening the people around you and avoiding the bad elements is a surefire way to reducing the likelihood of something bad happening. However doing a federal and state criminal checks in all 50 states is a daunting task that can sometimes take weeks. You may have to physically go into each county court office and formally request these records. Luckily a new website allows you to pull criminal arrest records in seconds. Simply enter anyone’s name and get background report packed with tons of personal details, a nationwide federal and state criminal check, and a sex offender search.

Does Someone’s Past Really Matter

When growing up, we have all been taught to never judge a book by its cover or that people make mistakes in their past and that we should not pass judgment too easily. However there is an overwhelming amount of data that suggests when it comes to criminal cases, a person’s past can be a good indication of their character.

Running criminal background checks on the people around you may lower the chances of you or your family falling victim to a violent crime. A new website called Instant Checkmate allows you to easily pull criminal and arrest records on anyone instantly.

Almost 80% of convicted criminals will commit and get arrested for a second crime within 5 years of being released from prison. Running criminal records checks on the people you know and associate with is a good idea – Check anyone’s criminal history in minutes.

How Can You Protect Yourself & Your Family

Be aware of the people around you. Your first line of defense should be running background checks on the people you know and making sure they do not have a criminal history, as they are the ones that are most likely to commit a crime.

Using Instant Checkmate to run a background check on someone gives you access to their criminal records and to tons of personal details that you can use to see if someone is hiding the truth.

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